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More Living Rooms

What if the upper room became the living room

Holy40 Challenge 

Supporting high capacity Christian women to embrace their a holistic approach to discipleship. That the heart of discipleship is first love and then discipline but never legalism. What does it look like to bring God a whole vessel. Join us for a 40 Day Challenge focused on spiritual maturity and rhythms of health, rest, and vision.  


We live on the foundation of the Bible  as we explore the unchanging essence of truth. From the principles of God's Word to the practical application in our lives today, this project delves into the profound significance of truth as a guiding light amidst life's uncertainties.


The juxtaposition between growth, grit, and grace. This is a transformative journey of spiritual growth, dedicated to nurturing the faith of believers to ultimately mature them as disciples. Cultivating deeper convictions to embrace God's ultimate purpose for our lives.


Unlocking the tapestry of Scripture and the innate sensitivity to God's voice for every believers. We work to give resources, access, and tools to others as the core mission of More Living Rooms.

I'm Quita

In a world where titles seem to matter more than the authority attached to them, I walk in two unique offices: Daughter & Disciple

Coming Soon

The Cross Changes Us

I’m still what has happened to me, still where I came from, and there is nothing that will ever free me from that. That’s a truth and a lie, here’s why straight As on your report card couldn’t fix your drug addict mother nor could a longer skirt stop your porn addicted boss; but the cross can. The cross changes us, the cross was for us, the cross doesn’t prune leaves it destroys roots. I needed root work. If you find yourself here, know that this is deeper than you words, this is root work.

Promise or Prison

I know God has to be like “Why are y’all like this?” I have created a door for you but because you can’t find the door or because going through the door feels like it may take too long or will be too difficult, we decide to create another route. And because we’ve decided to take the window when God called us to take the door, the grace attached to His promises aren’t present and the season looks less like a promise and more like a prison. Your promise isn’t a prison but it has to be accessed by the Father for it to be used for His glory.

Success: My Trauma Response

We know how to climb ladders, we know how to build buildings, we know how to pack stadiums. We even know how to build altars for God that we call churches. But have we managed to see the truth? I have personally lived my life through the trauma response of achievement. Climbing one ladder after the next priding myself on the fact that I can “pull” myself up by my boostraps. Sometimes knowing the truth looks like abandoning the facts, trading what seems right for what God has promised us is real.

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