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If you say so

Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” | Luke 5:5

Work on your God Dream
What has God placed in your heart? What’s your burden? What’s the thing if time/money/resources wasn’t a’d do it? That’s what I want you to spend at least 1 hour WORKING on each week of the journey. It can be a concentrated hour (this is what I recommend) or 15 minutes a day or however God is meeting you. But be intentional about YOUR call. I’m excited to see how He moves through this.
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Holy40 Resources

Reading the Word of God is a vital part of caring for yourself and making sure you’re equipping yourself with tools to support your faith, this will help you over the next 40 days! You can pick whichever book of the Bible the Spirit is leading you to and whatever faith based book that supports this season for you. Check our my reading list link.

Read 1 Chapter of the Bible

& 5 Pages of a Christian Book

This means for some He’s pushing you to increase what you’re doing during your workouts, maybe the challenge is working out outside, maybe its walking and praying, maybe you’re finally gonna lift. Maybe it’s a combination of these...but whatever you do: Don’t cheat yourself. You have authority over your body, it’s a God mandate.

Move your body 30 minutes everyday

Does KETO work? Does high protein work? Does no processed foods work? Well nothing works if you don’t stick to it, make a decision that you will consecrate your body by making a decision of what you will allow yourself to consume as it pertains to your journey over the next 40 days. Again, don’t cheat yourself.

Choose a healthy eating plan and stick with it (No Cheat Days)

REST is a commandment, not honoring the sabbath is a sin. Pouring from an empty cup is why we fall apart. God placed the sabbath in scripture on purpose. Monday? Saturday? Half Friday Half Saturday? What 24 hours can you give to rest? And if you can’t find the hours, let’s chat!

Honor Your Sabbath

5 Key Habits

Teachings &
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